Circular Economy Australia is run by Candice Quartermain and Catherine Leach and is based in Sydney Australia. Our network is made up of industry experts, emerging innovators, and partners. We are a global network with representatives in over 10 countries.


Our vision is for a world that works for the common good; one that is more equal, more just, more spiritually fulfilling, and more economically and environmentally sustainable for all.


Create a world of abundance


To transition our linear economy to a circular one by driving awareness, education and sharing resources. 

The Benefits

  1. See your organisation through the lens of a circular economy Model. Our experts can present a creative interruption of your optimal functioning circular economy future.
  2. Connect with experts and innovators our relationships and collaborative approach to problem solving means we have access to an established network of innovation, design, research and technology experts.

  3. Get the knowledge understand how to challenge linear business process through applied thinking of the circular economy principles.

  4. Improve your ROI ensure you’re best spending your time and money on the right areas.

  5. Identify system connections our experts will review your systems across all areas of your strategy and identify opportunities to drive value through joining, plugging in or adapting.

  6. Improve your material flow ensure you’re materials are providing the most effective solutions needed for your time and effort.

  7. We believe in rapid prototyping. Our network can build rapid prototypes in a matter of hours, ready to test and evolve. 

  8. Great value designed to be affordable for organisations that rely on circular economy insights to inform their strategic direction without the large investments


The Detail

Circular Economy Australia has access to a large and dynamic network of experts united on the vision of delivering real solutions that meet circular thinking. 

Our network extends through to the Ellen Macarthur foundation, Cradle to Cradle and the Blue Economy.

We work with the best Innovators, analysts, creatives, strategists, designers, developers, managers, technicians, scientists, researchers, owners, entrepreneurs, architects, traders and many more. 

We skill up according to your requirements and objectives. 

We are committed to collaboration and co creating, which means we work with you to identify the best way forward and always consider all stakeholders throughout the process. 

After all, to design circular we need everyone at the table from design to disposal. Working with an agile approach allows us to create prototypes, establish risks and iterate as needed for optimal design. 

We rely on failure to push our innovation and produce robust results. It makes us stronger. 

Our creative and optimistic attitude, shared with our vision of the future gets us through challenging times and rubs off on everyone we work with. Creativity is contagious!


  • Access to experts and existing innovations
  • Opportunity to build alliances with partners to share benefits of solutions
  • Deep system analysis uncovering core problems and levers for improvements
  • Best practice approaches to support, guide and enhance your organisations internal capabilities