We are a network of pioneers driving the awareness and adoption of a Circular Economy in Australia.

Our worlds resources and their true value are being buried and lost in an economy that designs for end of life.

Our current model of dig, process, use, and disregard is pushing our economy to its limits. We have come to believe that growth is reliant on constraint and success is driven by faster and cheaper deliverables. 

Our intention is to design for abundance by venturing beyond the expected, unveiling new possibilities for economy growth that delivers prosperity.  

A Circular Economy model is designed to be regenerative. It does this by leveraging core principles which look to create systems of flow where resources are continually valued. 

This video from our friends at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK says it all (in less than 4 mins!)

In Australia we are connecting professionals and organisations to opportunities within a circular economy. We are passionate about integrating the international success stories with the Australian economy.


We want to create ambassadors who can represent circular economy within their chosen profession. We provide the framework to help you learn, participate and implement a circular economy.




Bringing our circular economy network together to share tools, experiences and conversations. Hear form leading experts, discover new ways to take action and receive the tools you need to develop your own circular economy. 

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Get educated on the details, apply your thinking and be recognised for your development. Our training programs bring you up to speed on circular thinking through a variety of courses and workshops. 

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Our network can help you innovate, transition and integrate your circular economy projects. Our network has access to knowledge and resources that could offer your project the perfect solution to any system or waste problem. 

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We work with organisations who are looking to be educated and implement circular circular thinking. We know that transition can take time and we are here to provide as much or as little as you need to explore where circular economy is right for you.


Our immersive experiences help you learn through discovery, in a fun and interactive way. Programs are designed for all ages and backgrounds.

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How you do business can provide real opportunity for growth. Our expertise in design thinking and stakeholder facilitation unlocks a fresh perspective unlocking new opportunities.

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Our technical network provides the know-how to action our ideas and lead you confidently to healthy results already testing in the market.

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Our practitioners help you create manageable plans and processes to weave circular principles into the fabric of your business and can help you bring projects to life.

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Circular Economy Australia is run by Candice Quartermain and Catherine Leach and is based in Sydney Australia. Our network is made up of industry experts, emerging innovators, and partners. We are a global network with representatives in over 10 countries.

Candice Quartermain   Programme Director + Founder

Candice Quartermain
Programme Director + Founder

Catherine Leach   Director of Communications + Events

Catherine Leach
Director of Communications + Events

Candice has been presenting, educating and facilitating on Circular Economy for over 2 years. She has been managing creative and technical teams on innovation projects for over 10 years. Her passion for connecting people and drive for good business practice is the force excelling Circular Economy Australia into the valued network represented today. 

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Catherine lives and breathes Circular Economy throughout her personal and professional life. Her diverse design experience and ability to organise zero waste events gives our network confidence in creative thinking to problem solve. engagement and makes Circular Economy Australia the creative and engaging destination our network celebrates. 

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The biggest opportunities currently in Australia

  • Product design and development
  • Product manufacturing
  • Building development and tenancy 
  • Waste management
  • Resource recovery
  • Event management
  • Collaborative consumption


Growing daily, our network is made up of remarkable people who are as passionate as we are about the values of a Circular Economy and the opportunities it represents. Ranging from industry experts with over 30 years experience to students just starting their studies, the human capital is there ready to assemble for your project.




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How Circular Economy Works

Three clear steps to show how we work


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Business as usual

We believe in creating positive outcomes and rightly reward our network for contribution. Our intentions are demonstrated in these ways:-

  • Conservation and considerate practice is at the heart of everything we do  

  • Circular Economy principles looks to design systems which are 100% good

  • Our mission is to transition to a world of abundance

  • We collaborate with remarkable people who do great things

  • We are a profit for purpose organisation which means we invest our profits and volunteer our skills back into organisations we are passionate about

  • Respect, honesty and laughter is the only way we know how to interact

  • We are freeworkers which means our office can be anywhere from a library to a boat deck

  • We love our bikes and fair trade chocolate

Future economic wealth is being driven by
organisations adopting circular systems

Circular Economy Australia Steps