Australia takes the stage for world’s first Global Disruptive Innovation Festival

On Friday, November 14th 2014, Australia will play host to the first ever Global Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF).

Australia’s part in the DIF marks the last leg of a month long online festival launched in October by the UK-based Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Offering a mix of online and global real world events, the DIF explores ideas such as business innovation, remaking the city, sharing economy, systems thinking and 21st century enlightenment. Thought leaders including Sir Ken Robinson, William Mc Donough, Ellen McArthur and Janne Benyus will join the morning via satellite.

With an expected 150 individuals in attendance at Sydney’s event, and many more watching from their screens, Australia’s DIF will challenge the current take-make-throwaway model of modern consumerism in favour of a circular economy business model. Discussions will therefore focus on how innovation can support that transition.

“Our philosophy is to connect the world’s resources through the application of a regenerative model.” Candice Quartermain, Founder and CEO Circular Economy Australia

The world economic forum earlier this year estimated the opportunity of a Circular Economy to be worth 1 trillion dollars with the creation prospect of 100,000 new jobs.

This opportunity could change the way we think about the Australian economy. Away from our reliance on mining, our financial landscape could shift to one of groundbreaking innovation.

Considering Australia can already lay claim to game-changing inventions like Wi-fi technology, ultrasound and of late, the current world record for the fastest electric car on a single charge - it’s not difficult to see the benefit of investing in further Aussie grown innovation. Now it’s just up to us to make it happen.