Popular topics 2016/17

Understanding the Circular Economy

Why todays linear economy of take, make and throw away needs to change.

What is the Circular Economy and where does its modelling come from. 

How is Circular Economy thinking being applied across cities, regions and organisations to the point of creating real transformative change.

Innovations helping transition the Circular Economy

Why it is our life purpose to continually innovate.

What role innovation has played in creating our existing economy.

How can we continue to innovate in ways that genuinely create value for our future needs.   

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Designing for abundance not scarcity

Why designing for abundance will get us over excited about the future. 

What opportunities can we look forward to being a part of in a new circular economy. 

How can simple design principles fundamentally help us solve our problems of today. 

Additional presentation topics

  • How the Circular Economy promotes people, places and products
  • New business models helping shape the Circular Economy
  • Why everyone is a designer and how we can all be the change
  • Designing with the end in mind. The role of a circular economy
  • Purpose led business - from purpose to purchase, the steps and why it matters for business
  • Disruptive Innovation, why faster and cheaper will loose the innovation race
  • Material flows, processes and product supply chains, how to find opportunities 

Other services*

  • Keynotes
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Panel facilitation
  • Lecturing
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Awards presentations
  • Appearances
  • Product promotions
  • Brand advocations

*Additional services are not limited to these areas, however it is critical that they align with Circular Economy principles.