We spend on average 1,700hrs a year doing our job. Yet many of us do not value or believe in what we do.

We are at a unique moment in time where technology, resources and people are coming together to create solutions that focus on what our economy is truly about, prosperity.

Today anyone can transform their job and life into something that matters. As a collective we have the capability to create and capture endless possibilities.

When was the last time you asked yourself what you wanted, followed a set of personal or professional goals or made decisions based on your own priorities and not others.

When did you last give yourself a chance to be curious, exploring the unknown and giving yourself the opportunity to discover something new.

Now is the time to step away from just doing your job to starting something that matters to you. Talk to us. 100% guaranteed to help your rethink whats possible in just 15 minutes. 

Circular Economy Australia is giving individuals, teams and businesses a series of events, sessions and programs designed to explore the possibilities of how visionary thinking can help you shake things up through a whole new perspective.

Starting with our “Shake It Up Program”, we are helping you explore the possibilities of how a Circular Economy can help you adjust your perspective on the world.

Are you:

  • A business owner, just starting out
  • Someone with an idea 
  • A professional mom, looking for a project
  • An entrepreneur looking for the next big idea
  • A student or recent graduate
  • A manager or leader looking for inspired ideas
  • Someone passionate about our environment, social responsibility or simply good business practice

If YES, read on.

The Circular Economy rethinks todays take, make and throw away economy for one that is regenerative. In order to drive progress, it needs new leaders to emerge, who are willing to push the possibilities beyond solutions and towards intentions that are abundant.

The program, looks to help those who are curious and feeling like there is more to todays approach. Grow, increase profits and drive efficiency with out considering the impacts. 

Circular Economy provides a deep understanding of design thinking which will transform a recent graduate, experienced engineer or business owners view on how they see themselves within our current world of possibilities.

The Circular Economy at Davos in 2014 was estimated to be worth 1 trillion dollars annually by 2025. Our program is not one of fluff, it is one for those looking to make an investment into their future.

Our program is the first step to helping you explore your leadership potential for the next wave of real opportunity that truly creates something that matters.

Join our Shake It Up program today

Our program is perfect if you are...

  • wanting to CREATE something that matters

  • wanting to INVEST in your future self

  • exceptionally CURIOUS about the world

  • ENERGETIC and ready to START something but not sure what

  • PASSIONATE about lots of things, not just one thing


  • starting to feel UNSURE about YOURSELF

  • INSPIRED by people, places and cool ideas

  • willing to step outside your COMFORT ZONE

  • wanting to learn about the principles of a CIRCULAR ECONOMY

  • wanting to learn about DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION

  • interested in AGILE & LEAN approaches to organisation

Our Shake it up program is only offered to 10 selected professionals at any time. We believe in quality not quantity.

The program lasts 3 months (options to continue as required), providing continual communication and development time to evolve your ideas to a place, they are tested and ready for the real world.

Designed to give you the freedom to achieve results around your current lifestyle, all access is provided online and over skype as needed. Take our program from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. 

What is included

  • 3x one to one sessions 1hr where we will explore your goals both professionally and personally

  • Professional development plan where we will track and improve on goals set

  • Professional development diary to track and monitor progress

  • Access to our online support program, full of tips, advice, support to keep you exploring

  • Access to information and knowledge libraries full of videos, articles and much more to inspire, inform and switch your thinking into discovery overdrive


The cost for the program are $550 AUS for those who sign up before April 10th. Discount prices are available for students, start ups and NGOs.

Investing in programs is a commitment and one you should be confident in making, which is why we offer a free 15 minute online consultation where we can talk through all questions and details.

Book your consultation today. We look forward to speaking with you.


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