Innovate towards a Circular Economy

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Opportunity of a lifetime.

Today is the most exciting time to be innovating.

For the first time ever, we have the technology, the connections, the knowledge and resources to create, scale and improve the way we do things.

Our human intelligence is the key to unlocking this world of opportunity. Creativity has never been more important. It offers us the ability to imagine and design new ways of doing things.

Get the skills you need to design solutions, create something others can follow and implement somehting that will make you hufe profits.

Get the skills, meet the network

The Circular Economy is generating thousands of new jobs, creating huge investment and designing with a conscience. It is a $26bn opportunity in Australia and open to those willing to rethink the way we do things.

Why Circular Economy

This training is designed for consultants, business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, educators, innovators, policy makers, local council and academics who want to use the principles of a Circular Economy to rapidly up-skill their knowledge, do work as a force for good and meet other like minded professionals.

You should participate

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Facilitator and Contributors

Candice Quartermain - Founder and Director of Circular Economy Australia

Other Circular Economy Australia Network contributors will be tailored based on the interest areas of those attending.

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